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Task2 online learning

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    [‎7‎/‎9‎/‎2018‎ ‎11‎:‎02‎:‎21‎ ‎PM] Cám ơn các bạn!


    Some people say that online learning id the most effective and convenient way to learn.
    Others say that online learning will never be as effective as learning at a real school, in person.
    Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    Developing of advance technology, many people think that online learning is good way to learn. By contrast, others still put their belief at real school, in real person. While there are benefits to learn through the internet, I would argue that it is less effective than traditional learning.
    On the one hand, it is beneficial for where and when learners study. Firstly, student can join in class from anywhere have the internet, instead going a long distance, maybe dangerous, to go to school. Disable people can study easier and need not depend on others lift them to school. Especial, the remote areas where real schools are far from villages. Students usually absence because the road from their home to school is too long and more difficult in the rain day. Secondly, online class have flexible time. Students can be active learning when they feel interest. The effect of lessons will be higher than they are forced. In addition, some people must go to work at the time real school open. Open learning can solve their problems in a convenient and appropriate way.
    On the other hand, it seems to me that traditional learning method still keep important role. Because student go to school not only study variety subjects, but also they could learn soft skills, participate in extra curriculum activities that help them developed physic and mental. Besides, the study environment in real school with real friends, teachers and teaching aids increase effect of lessons. Teachers inspire and encourage to students when they feel discourage. Learning theory and practicing directly with teaching aids lead the lesson becoming interest, students remember this longer.
    Although learning online bring to more benefits for learners, the traditional learning method is still necessary and more effective to students.
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    Hi ban,
    Grammar is the problem you need to work out if you want to improve your band score.

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