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Theoretical subjects

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    Topic 7: Theoretical subjects should not be taught at university because most students have chosen practical subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Many people believe that theoretical subjects should be removed from universities curriculum because they are no longer chosen. I don’t totally agree with this notion.
    Firstly, there is no doubt that theoretical knowledge is necessary. It lays down the foundation for the subsequent practices. For example, students in Hanoi Medical University have to go through 5 years of academy before practising. Since human bodies are really complex, therefore, if they don’t have enough basic knowledge, their practices will be useless and time-consuming. Moreover, some geniuses like Bill Gates, though he didn’t need to take any course to achieve their current success, Bill still wanted to come back to Harvard and finish his academic bachelor degree. Academic knowledge is not a key but it has made huge contribution to his success.
    Secondly, it is quite dangerous when students are allowed to practice without any precedent knowledge. Take chemistry as an example. Although pratice is an essential and main part of this subject, it has to come after hours and hours of theoretical lessons. All the types of chemical elements, how they react to each other and the outside environment, all that informations have to be provided accurately in detail to avoid the hazardous accidents. Remember Albert Nobel, the father of dynamites with his tragic accidents. His younger brother, without atteNtion and full awareness of dynamites, caused the explosion in Nobel’s labourator and lost his life. Therefore, before accessing directly to chemical sustances, students must be acknowledged about all the vital informations.
    In conlusion, for all the reasons mentioned above, I believe that theoratical subjects play different roles in many fields and should be taught in univerities.

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    [5/29/2018, 7:36:08 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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    Topic 8: Space travel has been possible for sometime and some people believe that space tourism could be developed in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

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