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vd task 2 education 16

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    Nowadays, science plays an important role in human development. Thus, many people believe that governments should invest more heavily in teaching this subject rather than others. Personally, I agree partly with this point.
    On the other hand, there is a significant reason why I approve a part of that point. Undoubtedly, the more science develops; the further mankind progresses. In fact, science knowledge and its products allow people to develop the new technology which can helps human solve practical problems, moreover have considerable influence on many other realms. For example, nanotechnology which is the great achievement of science is applied to medicine, energy and environment currently to handle many complicated problems which cannot be finished before discovering this technique.
    On the other hand, the advantage of science cannot be denied, but if governments just concentrate on funding to this subject, it may be not right anymore. Initially, as other subjects are also important, despite not making the nation progress directly. For instance, math is good for increasing kids’ logical thinking and literature impacts positively to building-up personality process of children. Furthermore, if the government is biased in science financially, it will be absolutely not fair for students who like studying and are talented at other curriculums that are not upgraded a lot. Secondly, the great development of science is a good thing for every country. However, it definitely will be a dreadful disaster, if the growth of this major is out of human control. To illustrate, the pesticide is reputed as a useful product until being used and revamped excessively by famers.
    In conclusion, science is such an essential subject for the development of every country, but governments should consider more if investing for this more than other subjects.

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    [6/15/2018, 8:49:52 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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