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WR Task 2-Discussion and Opinion

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    Some people think parents should read or tell stories to their children. Others think parents needn’t do that as children can read books or watch TV, movies by themselves.
    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
    Most people have different views on the importance of parents’ storytelling in the development of children. Some parents prefer their babies to read books or watch TV, movies by themselves while others do believe that parents should participate in this process. This essay will explore both aspects of the argument followed by my standpoint.
    One the one hand, there are many reasons why youngsters should need to have the ability of self-reading. Firstly, when given the freedom to decide to read what and when, children are likely to feel motivated, therefore, they will read more extensively and regularly. As a result, these might have a far-reaching positive influence on the life children when helping them to become more self-discipline. Secondly, in today’s increasingly competitive society, parents, especially the young parents burdened with the responsibility of supporting their family and the pressure of advancing their career path, usually do not have much free time to spend with their children on reading books.
    On the other hand, advocates for more parental reading to young children cite the idea that parents can play in a dispensable role on fostering intimate bondings between parents and children. In the process of reading intriguing and interesting stories together, the relationship among the family members are strengthened, and this will contribute to built a harmonious and quality family life. Moreover, children like preschoolers or primary students need to have the guidance or explanations of parents as they oftentimes have some certain difficulties in grasping materials on their own. Hence, parents always have to accompany their children in the growth of their offspring.
    In conclusion, although it is clear that each view has its advantages, I incline towards the idea that parents should accompany their children in reading because the activity is so critical, and this skill that can open gates to successfully abundant opportunities in the future.

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