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Writing Task 2 Agree or disagree.

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    [8/4/2018, 9:50:34 AM] Cám ơn các bạn!


    Some industrialised coutries have serious environmental problesm. The damage to the environment is an inevitable result when a country tends to improve the standard of living. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Recently, there is a controversy that developing nations ` improving the standard of living poses threats to the environemnt. I strongly agree with this opinion for several underlying reasons.

    There are several reasons why lifting citizens out of poverty can cause harms for the environment. The first and obvious one is that establishing many factories can help reduce unemployment rates but also bring about drawbacks to the environment. In fact, newly built factories in poor nations try to avoid enironmental costs in production via releasing chemicals in lakes and rivers without proper treatment. Another reason is that with the development of urban areas, there is less space for natural habitats since there are more and more residential areas, high-rise buildings and resorts constructed in places where lakes and rivers used to be. In Vietnam, for instance, many forests near beaches are chopped down to make room for luxury hotels and restaurants. Finally, it is authorities in many poor countries that lower environmental standards to attract foreign enterpreneurs to invest in their countries. In fact, environemntal standards including air and water quality in asia nations are much lower than those in western nations, making possible for local businesses to reduce production costs.

    In conclusion, it is my contention that improving quality of lives for citizens can bring happiniess for them but also can affect adversely the environment since wastes releasing from factories can contaminate rivers and lakes, the destruction of natural habitats make room for new buildings and the goverments’ policies put lower priorities on environmental quality than developing economy.

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    Overall, you did a great job. Just make your expression more natural.

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