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Writing Task 2-Discussion

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    Government funding should only be provided for the best students as scholarships. Other funding of universities should come from students fees and private organizations. Do you agree or disagree?
    It is sometimes argued that only students of excellent academic performance can be supported by public money. While accepting that these top performing students deserve such scholarships, I do believe other sources of funding should be diversified.
    On the one hand, undoubtedly, how students perform is a major factor to decide the eligibility for scholarships achievement. It is noticeable that best students are oftentimes likely to have greater contributions to the society, therefore, taxpayers’ money spent on government funding can be paid back well. However, academic attainments should not be the unique element of scholarship filtering process as there are many students come from various situations. People having the disadvantaged families should also be given a chance to apply for the public financial assistance programs because this leads to social equility, along with open the more promising future for them.
    On the other hand, I completely argree with the idea that it should not be limited to public channel. Students fees and private organizations can also function as contributing parts to fund universities, and more resources of funding means that there will be much money to support students who need scholarships to pursue tertiary education. This is particularly true in some countries, companies with healthy finance always play an dispensable role in funding scholarship at universities or colleges. The American educational system is an example, thanks to the assistances of private enterprises, the facilities of eduication are getting more and more modern and advancing, which helps the government with teaching improvement.
    In conclusion, government should still encourage excellent students through scholarship programs, however, poor students also need to have certain priorities of the selection. And other funding of university should intensify and diversify.

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