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A country you want to visit

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    Describe a foreign country/ big city you want to visit but haven’t been to

    You should say:

    Where the country is
    When you will go there
    Why you would like to go there
    and explain why this is a good country to visit.

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    1. Fluency and Coherence
    – You cover every questions given in the cue card. The answers for these question are clearly sequenced. You also expand the information to the climate, environmental phenomenon in Japan. The last question is answered well.
    – However, you talk too fast, just like you are reading a prepared talk. There is very few pauses in your talk. Slow down a little bit and put some stress and pause at important points in the talk.
    – In other case, you pause quite long while two ideas should be linked: “..unsuitable for agricutural, industrial and residential use”. (here you should not pause too long as the next idea is related to this one) However, ….”
    For example, “I will explain why I would recommend Japan as an ideal destination. (pause) Despite its rapid industrial….”
    – In terms of intonation, you speak in a monotonous way without raising your voice. You need to add intonation to your talk so that it sounds more natural.
    2. Grammatical range and accuracy
    – You do not need to use too explicit sentences to introduce each main point of your talk:
    “And now I will share with you some information about this country.”: You can connect with the previous sentence to introduce about the location of Japan –> The country on top of my wish list is Japan, which is an island nation in East Asia. This country is located on the Pacific Ocean. Its location decides the climate of the country to be predominantly temperate….
    Despite of its rapid industrialization –> Despite its rapid industrialization: despite sth, not preposition should be used.
    3. Lexical resource
    You use some good words and phrases such as “save up”; “my budget would be sufficient”; countaless effort, persistence
    In the Pacific ocean –> on the Pacific ocean: preposition “in” is used when something is inside something else, with ocean, sea, use preposition “on” instead.
    4. Pronunciation
    You make several mistakes in pronunciation, as a result, they cause difficulty in understanding some parts of your talk.
    love /lʌv/: make sure that you pronounce the sound “v” in the word clearly, if not, it turns into different word.
    wish list: your intonation falls too much in the word “list”. They are two words instead of a word with two syllables, so you do not need to fall your intonation at the end of the word.
    share /ʃɛː/: you need to pronoun /ʃ/ more accurately. It is like the /s? in Vietnamese (cong lưỡi để phát âm /ʃ/)
    trip /trɪp/: you pronounce something like “chip”, /tr/ sound need to be pronounced quite similarly as in Vietnamese.
    Japanese /dʒapəˈniːz/: it is /n/ not /l/ and you need to stress on the last syllable.
    two /tuː/: it is /t/ sound, not /tr/
    unique /juːˈniːk/: notice the final sound /k/ and pronounce it clearly

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