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Bar chart – Illiteracy rate

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    The chart below shows estimated world literacy rates by region and by gender for the year 2000.

    The bar chart given compares the illiteracy ratio of males and females among some regions in the world in the year of 2000.

    Overall, the rates of female who couldn’t read and write were always greater than those of male in all of the investigated areas, among which Sub-Saharan Africa, Arab States, South Asia were the top 3 in the percentage of illiterate people.

    In developed countries, Latin America, and Caribbean, the differences between the numbers of males and females getting education were not so big, whereas these differences in all the rest of the examined areas were really remarkable, with the female rates always surpassed male rates, about 50% for females and around 30% for males in the top 3 areas.

    South Asia hold the record of the highest illiteracy ratio in both male and female figures for the year of 2000, followed by Arab States and Sub-Saharan Africa. In contrast, the ratio of uneducated people in developed countries were minimal during this year, just about under 5%.

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