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    Many children these days have an unhealthy lifestyle. Both schools and parents are responsible for solving this problem.

    Nowaday, children have more opportunity to lead a healthy life than in the past because they have already lived in a hygiene surrounding and convenient place. But in the other hand, this convenience indirectly has made them prefer to staying at home to going outside. As a result, it could cause an unhealthy lifestyle for the young generation. And in my opinion, both school and family are responsible for solving this problem.

    Family take an important part of forming children’s lifestyle. Some parents nowaday are very busy from there business activities, therefore they don’t have much time to play with their children directly so they decide to entertain their children with smart phone, television. Besides, some parent scares that their children could be dangerous by bad factor from the outside. And that possibly creates a negative habit for children from very soon.

    Not just families need to take responsibility for these. Children spends most of their time in school, here generally is the best place for children to have a motivation for joining an activity. For the reason that school is the place that kid close to their friends the most. Is really easy to guide them to have fun together with sport, outdoor-activities, …. instead of siting and learning day by day.

    For an example, my parents prefer keeping their kid at home to joining some outdoor activity because they always worry about our safety. But luckily, my school was a very dynamic one. Beside of leaning common subject like the other school in the morning, we also have time for outdoor activities at the afternoon as well. There are varied of its like sport, article, music …. that suitable to ours interest at all.

    Inconclusion, having a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important to everyone. To build a healthful habit for children need cooperation from both of school and parent.

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