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Learning new skills

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    1. Why are some people unwilling to learn new skills?
    Well obviously there are a number of clear reasons behind that standpoint. The first reason lies in that people often satisfy with what they have and they believe that they don’t need to enhance their knowledge to fulfill their ability. Another fundamental reason is learning new skills takes a lot of time and effort. Not many people can do that due to many stuff which disturb their ability such as business, family, children…
    2. Why would people spend a lot of time learning a new skill?
    Personally I believe that there 2 main reason for this viewpoint. The most important reason is that people passionate about skill which they want to learn. That is the reason why they can spend hours in a day to conquer it. At the same time, as a research’s result that if you want to be perfect in a new skill, you must spend at 10,000 hours for that. You want to be perfect in that area or you just want to know. It depends on you.
    3. What skills may take a long time to learn?
    Personally I believe that we need to spend a lot of time and effort to conquer any foreign languages. There are some causes supporting my standpoint. Firstly, we need to learn 4 skills totally, speaking, writing, listening and reading. It doesn’t like a piece of cake. The time for that can be counted years by years. Another one is we must understand the nations culture as well as history perfectly. It is necessary to conquer their languages.

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