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    Some people think that money is the best gift for teenagers. Others disagree. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

    Many people are of the misconception that everything in this world can be solved by money even when it comes to presenting a gift to adolescents, while others are against their belief. I will discuss both sides of the argument before coming to a logical conclusion.

    There are several reasons why proponents agree with it. For one, they do not have explicit knowledge of what he/she wishes for as a gift. For example, Majority of boys attract to video games, which is considered as an ideal gift for them, while others like to have a collection of action figures. so it is hard to predict and act on it which would not be the case when they give more freedom with money. Secondly, most of the adults do not have time to shop, and they find it convenient to present cash to juveniles, which later can buy what they want. Opponents have some arguments in favor of why money is not a presentable gift. Firstly, nothing can compensate for the efforts of human interest. For instance, a person who researched what they want and surprises them with it will have a long-lasting impact. It not only sends a positive message that they care but also helps them in understanding them better. Besides, it not only restricts access to many things such as buying smokes, drugs, or other kinds of stuff but also encourages them to do the same for others as well.
    In conclusion, as mentioned above each side has its own beliefs time saving, human touch, and freedom to choose, but personally, I feel the money will never be on par with human feelings.

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