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Task 2 Practice (Books or TV)

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    Some people believe that people who read books can develop more imagination and language skills than those who prefer to watch TV. Do you agree or disagree?

    While some people think that reading books is beneficial for one’s imagination and language acquisition rather than watching TV, I believe that the role of the former in enhancing our intelligence is equal.

    On the one hand, reading a variety kind of books can boost children’s imagination and language comprehension. Those kid reading fairytales with some illustrated pictures will actually have to think about the content as well as fantasize every characters in those stories. Therefore, their creativeness and language skills will be improved considerably. Also, spending time reading foreign books will help learners increase their range of vocabulary and the meaning of words in different contents, which is a contributing factor in the improvement of their communication skills.

    On the other hand, watching TV also plays a vital role in enhancing linguistic competence and imagination. Firstly, when the audiences watching National Geographic Channel, for instance, they are exposed to an in-depth knowledge about wildlife, they can visualize more exactly how rare animals such as leopard or pangolin look like. As a result, learners can achieve a huge success in earning new understanding about wild animals as well as learning more new words about organisms. Secondly, watching films after reading the books which have the same names also helps people to imagine more clearly about the characters and the landscapes in the stories.

    To conclude, although the benefits of reading books are undeniable, we should not outweight the role of TV in one’s learning process.

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