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      the pros and cons of robot


      Topic: the pros and cons of robot
      Nowadays, with the industrial modernization, robot has gained popularity. The advanced technology can a value impact to human life. This tendency certainly has both merits and demerits, which will be discussed in this essay.
      On the one hand, there are number of advantages for both company and human-being. Firstly, the companies using robot are likely to make more profit. This means that, robot doing manual jobs is faster than people; so robot can boost productivity. Secondly, robot is used to do some risky and heavy tasks to individuals such as planetary exploration and coal mining with high accuracy. Furthermore, robot might make tedious household chores from vacuuming to sweeping the floor. Thanks to modern gadgets, household wife is able to be free in doing house work and spend more time for personal life.
      On the other hand, there are a handful of disadvantages that it is inevitable to depend on robot. Firstly, the unemployment will be increase. This means that, robot can apply better in many majors, especially in labor-intensive industries, resulting in job loss or layoff staffs in society. Therefore, there are some problems of social such as poverty and tệ nạn(mình ko biết từ tiếng anh). Beside that, robot can be hazardous to people when malfunctioning or designed for warfare.
      In conclusion, robot has many advantages and disadvantages. I believe that it will be much more efficient to use robot with mind of people

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