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(Urgent Please for the test in July 14th) Some countries achieve international s

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    Some countries achieve international sports by building specialized facilities to train top athletes, instead of providing sports facilities that everyone can use. Do you think this is positive or negative development?
    In recent years, the issue that the government should provide whether professional facilities for training athletes or normal sports devices for people to use remains controversial. In my viewpoint, I foresee some good and bad aspects in this concern.
    In the positive side, building special infrastructures for sports candidates apparently offer them a better practice condition, which will bring to the country more medals. The reason for that is because the athletes are well- trained by quality machines as well as they are able to adapt to an advanced sports environment.
    On the other hand, this development costs a great deal of money for professional sport players whereas citizens also need to practise regularly indeed because it must be better to improve people’s health for long-term targets than only care about permanent achievements. Furthermore, there will be no facilities for a child to get to know sports. As a result, he will waste time on electronic devices and be a coach potato soon, which causes the problem that tons of overweight kids and adults exist nowadays. That undeniably creates a bad generation for a nation. For example, if a country succeeds in a big number of medals after a tournament, they can have a higher rank in the world due to the investment of professional facilities. At the same time, 3 to 4 people passed away because of dangerous illness like overweight, which can be tackled by exercise every day.
    Once again in conclusion, although this development is a benefit for the government, it cannot overweigh of its significant negative effect on human beings.

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