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    The diagrams below show the design for a wind turbine and its location. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main feature and make comparisons where relevant.

    Wind turbines have become the most important invention in the electric industry for a long time. The diagrams below show the design for a wind turbine and where should it be located.

    According to the diagrams, there are three specific location that the wind turbines are put. At the top of the hill is the best place because amount of wind there is highest, each turbine could generate 1.5 megawatts – equal to the electricity that be able to power 322 US households for a year. On the other hand, a small turbine that can only power for domestic are also exist. It just higher than top of the roofs for a little and can provide for about 100 kilowatts. The second prior location is in the sea, the wind here is not as hard as the hill, but still very strong. There is no information in the diagram shows how much energy could be generated here.

    Depend on the need of power, there are different size of the wind turbines. However, all of them have a same construction. Each of them has three blades are made by fibreglass or wood, which will turn when the wind came through. Connect to the blade is a generator to generate electricity. At the top of that huge steel tower, there is a wind sensor that could calculate the speed and direction. This information will transfer to a house that be built near the turbine. According to that, the computer will change the position of the turbine (like angle, direction) so the blade could turn as much as possible.

    There are so many locations to locate a wind turbine, however it needs to be exposed at the windy and empty place.

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    Trong wrting task 1 bạn không cần viết những thông tin được đưa ra, chỉ cần ghi những thông tin có trong bài là đc. Phần ngữ pháp bạn cũng khá sai nhiều lỗi, bạn xem phần nhận xét của mình để biết rõ hơn nhé.
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