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WRITING TASK 2 – Discuss both these views and give your own opinion – HEALTHY

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    Some people say that in the modern world it is very difficult for people to have a healthy lifestyle. Others, however, say that it is easy for people to be healthy and fit if they want to be. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    These days, it is argued by some people that having a healthy lifestyle is not hard. Whereas, other people think that it is really challenging to attain perfect health. In my opinion, I believe that it is completely straightforward to be healthy and fit if people follow some solutions below.
    On the one hand, there are two main reasons why people are becoming unhealthy. The first reason stems from bad eating habits. The excessive consumption of junk food and processed products which contain a great deal of fatty and oily contents making people suffer a wide range of health problems namely obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases or even cancer. Another reason is related to sedentary lifestyles. In fact, the lack of exercise is one problem for people’s health. To illustrate, many people, in particular, office workers, have jobs that involve sitting in the same place all day resulting in their physical health is affected negatively which may lead to the risk of problems such as high-stress level, depression, or sonasthenia.
    Nevertheless, it seems to me that people could be easily healthy if they comply with some rules. To begin with, cut down unhealthy diet which means and make better food choices. For instance, instead of buy ready-made food, people should do care for home-cooking to make sure eating enough vegetables and fruits every day in order to strike for a balanced diet. Furthermore, if people take more physical activities, people find that their general health improves. Someone goes to the gym to get fit or they also do it at home. Generally, there are many ways to get in shape, but sometimes, people ignore them. Instead of walking or cycling to work, there are plenty of people use private cars or motorbikes despite very short distances.
    In conclusion, although many individuals think that it is complicated to lead a healthy life, I think that it is not difficult to stay fit if people make an effort to go on a balanced diet and work out more frequently.

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